Meaning of top-line in English:



  • Of the highest quality or ranking.

    ‘a top-line act’
    • ‘‘Stocks that combine defensive qualities with top-line growth are preferred,’ the research note said.’
    • ‘They insist that the figure is in line with London prices for front-row seats for many top-line acts.’
    • ‘Given voices by top-line impressionists and vocal caricaturists, the puppets were manipulated by a team of skilled handlers to act out the quantity of wickedly witty sketches that comprised each edition of the show.’
    • ‘It is easy to mock, but BT's modest top-line growth hides a transformation in the nature of its business.’
    • ‘At the turn of the new century, as shareholders clamored for top-line growth, bleeding-edge innovation became the Holy Grail of competition.’
    • ‘About 400,000 square feet of office space at the new AIG Tower in Central will become available next year, but no additional top-line space in the district will come on stream in 2007.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I wouldn't be able to complete at a similar level without the bike. It's a top-line racing machine and the other bike I have is a lot heavier and a lot slower.’’
    • ‘This effort, combined with a disciplined initiative to optimize trade spending across the total portfolio, represents the key to driving top-line growth and brand equity.’
    • ‘Wall Street analysts generally believe that current valuations of companies in the medical device and supply industry reflect continued strong top-line performance.’
    • ‘We believe that HBOS's ability to take market share and generate top-line growth sets it apart from Lloyds TSB and Barclays.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, 52 per cent of all chief executives surveyed, regardless of location, cite sustained or steady top-line growth as being of greatest concern.’
    • ‘Now, their new, more balanced objectives include top-line growth, especially in market share, share of profitable consumers and lifetime consumer value.’
    • ‘Yet companies that approach it smartly are not only saving millions of dollars but also creating stronger customer relationships that should translate into top-line growth.’
    • ‘Cisco will get a lift from expanding into new markets, particularly telecom, but it's unlikely that top-line growth will pass the low double digits for the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘I asked, ‘How long will it take you to sell that many top-line 1911s?’’
    • ‘According to Cooke, the company is expecting an improvement this year, with overall top-line growth of about 10 per cent to €143 million.’
    • ‘It is a job for a top-line administrator, not a coach, and it does not have to be an ex-player even.’
    • ‘First, following substantial rationalisation, a recovery in top-line growth and operating margins to support cash-flow generation is crucial in order to reduce high indebtedness.’
    • ‘Because of the top-line growth concerns, I was trying to get a sense from investors whether 20 percent EPS growth for next year and this year would be enough.’
    • ‘He returned to the ring in 1966 for two knockout victories, both inside four rounds, against poor quality Thai opponents, but it was clear his days as a top-line fighter were behind him.’