Meaning of top drawer in English:

top drawer

Pronunciation /ˌtɒp ˈdrɔː/

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informal the top drawer
  • High social position or class.

    • ‘George and Madge were not out of the top drawer’
    • ‘But do spare a thought for the gallant Gunners who gave their all, played hurling that was right out of the top drawer, and could so easily be celebrating right now as hurling's high kings of Munster.’
    • ‘Laois played football right out of the top drawer as they turned on the style in no uncertain terms with a display that will have all the other title contenders shaking in their boots such was the style and force of their football.’
    • ‘Opening the batting for Phoenix in their first National League match against Warwickshire Bears at Edgbaston he compelled his television audience to take note with a range of strokes right out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘I thought the way they came out and played in the second-half was out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘Twelve tries - the majority of them right out of the top drawer - were enough to put a smile on Murphy's face and send him back to France to continue his holiday happy in the knowledge that the team was in good hands.’
    • ‘He was an inspirational leader in captaining Sligo I.T to an historic Sigerson Cup success on home soil where his performances over the weekend were out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘Prenty, with two points, one straight out of the top drawer, left eight between them at half-time, 1-5 to zero.’
    • ‘Having said that still out of the top drawer for most bands…’
    • ‘Westmeath certainly had their chances as they hit 10 wides in that opening half, double the Laois tally but all three home points were out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘The lanky breakaway forward is out of the top drawer and is surely destined for a deserved districts contract after being asked to train with the Scotland squad earlier this season.’
    • ‘As far as the competition was concerned it was out of the top drawer, with every town and village showing flashes of local activities on their presentations.’
    • ‘They were rewarded with a game that crackled with energy and which, if not quite out of the top drawer, produced enough moments of pace and excitement to send everyone home happy.’
    • ‘The football they played on Sunday was out of the top drawer and although they had just two points to spare at the finish they were by far and away the better footballing side.’
    • ‘I don't personally know either young man, but I'm assured they are out of the top drawer as far as character and integrity are concerned.’
    • ‘As a human being, Dravid is also out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘That said though, the Ballygunner man hurled his heart out right to the end with the quality of his fetching of the high ball absolutely out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘And also thrown in for good measure are nine beautiful picture essays that are really out of the top drawer and brimful of interest.’
    • ‘As earlier mentioned, his technique is right out of the top drawer.’
    • ‘She was definitely out of the top drawer of English society.’
    • ‘He has hit form just at the right time and his 30.20 return in the semi-final was out of the top drawer.’
    noble, titled, upper-class, blue-blooded, high-born, well born, patrician, elite


(also top-drawer)
  • Of the highest quality or social class.

    • ‘a top-drawer performance’
    • ‘Dedicated to the famous Ballylongford scribe it is a weekend packed with all types of literary and social events where entertainment is always top-drawer quality.’
    • ‘While the food is unpretentious - steak, corn on the cob, beans, cowboy coffee - it's fresh and of top-drawer quality, and nobody goes away hungry.’
    • ‘Still, you won't be short-changed by this performance, even if it isn't quite top-drawer in performance and sound quality.’
    • ‘It really doesn't have a name yet - but it will come February, when a host of top-drawer local talent present this tale of ‘thigh-slapping whimsy and sensual grief.’’
    • ‘Firms use their internship programs to bring in top-drawer talent and screen them in ways no post-graduate interview process could do.’
    • ‘It was in last years semi-final win over Dublin that he showed his real class and again on Sunday he made two more top-drawer saves that contributed hugely to his sides victory.’
    • ‘The game produced five goals and some of the of the quality of these strikes was top-drawer stuff.’
    • ‘The work that inspires the American Collection's initial offering is, perhaps, not one of literature's top-drawer masterpieces either.’
    • ‘A top-drawer assembly of Hollywood talent comes together for a political thriller that is grand in both scope and scale.’
    • ‘If Mark is going to stick with his 4-5 - 1 formation then he needs people in midfield who are capable of scoring goals, as well as a top-drawer striker to really make that system work.’
    • ‘The Blue Flag award is only given to beaches that have water clean enough to pass the toughest tests set down by European law and top-drawer facilities including lifeguards, first aid and good access for disabled visitors…’
    • ‘As you might have heard, I'm leaving the Guardian next year for the Times, having finally been convinced that my evil populist philistinism has no place in a publication read by so many all-round, top-drawer plaster saints.’
    • ‘Targeting top-drawer house buyers from home and abroad, the construction cost of the property is about US $2,000 per square metre, but the exact sales price per unit is yet to be nailed down.’
    • ‘Of course, as super busybody top-drawer celebrity journalists, who among them has time for much dabbling in literature, or put another way, much reading of actual, genuine writers.’
    • ‘He is a good shot-stopper, but makes too many mistakes to be considered as top-drawer keeper and if he fills me with the heebie-jeebies every time he goes for a cross, the effect on the Utd defenders must be even worse.’
    • ‘On top of 35 million visitors a year, it boasts 19 of the world's 20 largest hotels as well as top-drawer restaurants with entrées that cost $100.’
    • ‘Since it's UK release in July, the album has been selling consistently well and has garnered top-drawer reviews from some of Britain's most respected music critics.’
    • ‘They sound like the kind of things a top-drawer handbell choir might make up before rehearsal starts in earnest, which shouldn't be a compliment but somehow is.’
    • ‘Because most teams, especially at international level either play a wingback system or have top-drawer wide players who can spread the play without having to go down to the byline to cross the ball.’
    • ‘No-one stood above the others in the acting stakes because the entire cast was top-drawer and took on the animal's mannerisms with surprising effectiveness and grace.’
    expert, proficient, accomplished, skilful, talented, gifted, masterly, virtuoso, consummate, peerless