Meaning of top edge in English:

top edge


  • A shot hit into the air off the upper edge of a bat held sideways.

    ‘Six runs later he got a big top edge and was caught by Muchall.’
    • ‘He went to sweep, got a top edge and was caught by Sanath at backward square leg.’
    • ‘Stewart had taken 26 off 21 balls when he was caught behind off a top edge going for a pull, leaving 14 to win and nine balls to be bowled.’
    • ‘His away-from-the-body swipe took a top edge, and Hondo took the catch at mid-off.’
    • ‘He also had Price off the field after being struck in the face by a ball deflected off the top edge of the bat.’
    • ‘He also got a top edge and skied a catch to Kahled.’
    • ‘He had made just 19 runs in 21 overs when he unwisely attempted to hook a short delivery and instead succeeded in giving a top edge to Zoysa in the deep.’
    • ‘Three overs later he was also gone, undone by an impatient waft at an innocuous delivery from White that took the top edge.’
    • ‘Boucher, trying to force the pace, got a top edge to a delivery from Wharf, and was caught by Vaughan on the third man boundary for 24.’
    • ‘This time the top-edge required a brilliant athletic catch from him, as he sprinted from behind the stumps to a backward square-leg position.’
    • ‘The shot which brought him his first Test century will not linger in the memory, but it was perhaps appropriate that a top-edge over third man should reward a batsman not known for his elegance.’


(also top-edge)
  • with object Hit (the ball) off the upper edge of a bat held sideways; hit a ball delivered by (a bowler) in this way.

    ‘he top-edged the ball straight up into the air for the bowler to complete the dismissal’
    • ‘he top-edged low to first slip’
    • ‘In trying to up the tempo he then top-edged a short ball from at squareleg to be well caught for 52, and the Lions in trouble at 95 for 4 in after 27 overs.’
    • ‘The frantic pace was maintained in England's second innings, and any thoughts of quiet consolidation disappeared in the first over when he top-edged a short ball from Drum into the deep.’
    • ‘He tried to pull a short ball from Sami from outside off stump, top-edged it, and was caught by the bowler running towards midwicket.’
    • ‘He tried to hook a rising Gough delivery but succeeded only in top-edging the ball to Giles.’
    • ‘He tried sweeping a delivery, and top-edged it to square leg to give Pakistan an early breakthrough.’
    • ‘Pakistan had an early breakthrough when he tried sweeping a delivery, only to top-edge it to square leg.’
    • ‘He struck again two balls later when Vaughan top-edged a ball to Rudolph at mid-on to go out for a duck.’
    • ‘Yet he remained phlegmatic throughout, and after his first-innings failure (in which he had top-edged a bouncer to fine leg) he was watchful and tenacious against pace and spin alike - save for one notable let-off.’
    • ‘He tried to rebuild the innings, but felt the pressure to keep the runs flowing, and top-edged a rank full-toss from Ontong to short third-man.’
    • ‘But with 14 needed off 10 balls, he top-edged a pull off Nicholson and was caught behind for a 21-ball 26.’
    • ‘India seemed to be coasting when Mongia threw it away, top-edging a pull to Vaas off Fernando for 33.’
    • ‘Croft continued the resistance, and the acting captain had been at the crease for over two hours in scoring a watchful 34 when he top-edged a pull against Ben Phillips and was well caught by Nel running in from long-leg.’
    • ‘He attempted to pull one from outside off, and top-edged a catch to the bowler’
    • ‘Instead of staying on, he chooses to top-edge a sweep off Anil Kumble straight to fine leg, placed expressly for that shot.’
    • ‘No run could be taken from the first five deliveries and then the sixth was top-edged to the keeper… game over, scores level!’
    • ‘But then he got carried away and top-edged to long leg like a tailender.’
    • ‘At Queen's on Friday, the Frenchman top-edged a return of serve.’
    • ‘I was trying to bowl a slow top-spinner down the leg side so he could top-edge a sweep.’
    • ‘He tried to go for a huge shot, trying to get maximum runs and unfortunately top-edged and missed his century by just one run in the recent NatWest Challenge.’
    • ‘But this time he top-edged and gave the simplest of chances.’