Meaning of top tip in English:

top tip


informal British
  • A small but particularly useful piece of practical advice.

    • ‘she gives us her top tips on staying fit’
    • ‘There's only one top tip to become a writer, and that's WRITE!’
    • ‘I asked Annie what top tips she would give to aspiring TV people.’
    • ‘My top tip for anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps would be if you have a real passion, if you have a real love for something, you've got to believe in yourself because it's worth following it through.’
    • ‘The top tip is to make sure you shred personal documents before disposing of them.’
    • ‘Check out our top tips for travellers to find out where to get the best deal for your holiday money and travel insurance, and to find out about the new E111 form.’
    • ‘They have come up with a number of top tips for dealing with PC pests, before stress levels get out of control.’
    • ‘The website has some top tips for those wishing to avoid sleeping through the afternoon.’
    • ‘On the website, its top tips state that sellers should ideally use secure payment systems and should not use money transfer services.’
    • ‘Someone requested top tips for cooking Christmas dinner.’
    • ‘My top tip for the heatwave is: if you like hot weather, go out and enjoy it; and if you don't, sit in the shade.’