Meaning of topless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɒpləs/

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  • 1(of a woman) having the breasts uncovered.

    ‘a topless dancer’
    • ‘she dived topless into the pool’
    • ‘Finally I got rid of them too and just have some topless ladies in thongs stand around by the pool all day long.’
    • ‘Their place is R-rated outings with plenty of hard-hitting stuff and the occasional topless woman.’
    • ‘After some scenes of topless women and some meanderings by the annoying characters, the mayhem starts.’
    • ‘On my way back I saw the cook watching a TV show in what I guess was his native language that had topless women.’
    • ‘Will a dozen topless women beating on drums be enough to bring her back?’
    • ‘On the wall of the bar we were drinking in tonight there was a picture from the 40s or 50s of a topless woman, wearing a ship on her head.’
    • ‘My shoelaces got shredded, a bottle of Fanta exploded over my hair, a topless woman almost fell on Rhi's head.’
    • ‘His partner is some mustached American pretty boy who plays tennis with topless women.’
    • ‘Of the hundreds of windows that flash by, one contains a photo of a topless woman.’
    • ‘She is topless and obviously not enjoying herself.’
    • ‘I squeaked as we took a step onto the porch just as a group of topless girls ran by.’
    • ‘The Communist Party countered by hiring topless women to hand out their campaign literature.’
    • ‘But the pub does not need any special licence to employ topless women to work behind the bar.’
    • ‘He noticed that her arms were bare and the tank straps were so thin, for a second he had the ludicrous impression that she was topless.’
    • ‘It had murals that dated back to the late 50s depicting native chiefs and topless maidens.’
    • ‘You see the topless girls and you think it's great, but the sand isn't too nice.’
    • ‘The tipping of a topless waitress has little to do with the drink she has brought to the table.’
    • ‘Some are managed by gangsters and not run properly - they just like having topless girls around them.’
    1. 1.1Involving or allowing topless women.
      ‘a topless beach’
      • ‘topless bars’