Meaning of topwater in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɒpwɔːtə/


North American Fishing
  • (of a bait) floating on or near the top of the water.

    ‘As Stovall and I began squabbling over topwater, spinnerbait, crankbait, swimming bait and worm options, the ensuing confusion resembled a floating pickup sticks game.’
    • ‘The rocky shorelines assure an abundance of clear water, and topwater lures are an excellent choice early and late over grass and off points.’
    • ‘Switching to magnum topwater plugs sometimes improves the quality of trout caught, but don't be surprised if a 10-inch speck latches its eager jaws onto a plug half its length.’
    • ‘There's a brief topwater bite around POC now, he said, but it turns ‘nonexistent’ once the sun clears the horizon.’
    • ‘But when the current rolls and the fish are hungry, they'll slam jigs and sometimes detonate on topwater plugs.’
    • ‘For real thrills, keep one rod rigged with a large topwater plug.’
    • ‘Either way, the one-handed rod was the common denominator for chunking topwater plugs, spinnerbaits and subsurface lures amid the sloughs and backwaters.’
    • ‘The usual assortment of spinnerbaits, swimming plugs, topwater lures and soft plastics is sufficient to test the potential of most small and relatively shallow ponds.’
    • ‘Any angler who thrills to ‘ripping’ a big topwater plug into vicious strikes must rate it at the top.’
    • ‘Second, the aggressive strike occurred at approximately 5 p.m - about two hours earlier than conventional wisdom suggests chunking a topwater lure for hot-weather bass.’
    • ‘‘Airy’ wooden models are the worst, but none can rival the ‘castability’ of lures such as lipless swimming plugs and conventional topwater plugs.’
    • ‘And, increasingly, topwater plugs should draw fire.’
    • ‘The coastal wader chunking a topwater lure on 12-to 14-pound line for trophy speckled trout on an open flat should maintain a loose drag.’
    • ‘Bragging rights start around 15 pounds, and the goal for every plugger venturing into the Rio Negro drainages is to catch a 20 pounder on a topwater plug.’
    • ‘The overwhelming majority of major-league fish are taken on big topwater plugs because the casting tackle reaches out with rapid fire to cover the shoreline tangles.’
    • ‘We drifted, blind-casting for 30 or 40 minutes, and I caught a 25 incher on a Spit'n Image topwater plug.’
    • ‘The first morning of our trip, Sellers and Ellenson jumped at least 30 tarpon on topwater plugs - a world-class session.’
    • ‘Small plugs are effective, and topwater models can draw aggressive blasts.’