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usually the Torah
  • (in Judaism) the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures (the Pentateuch).

    ‘However, one may remove the organ as soon as he stops breathing, even though his heart is still beating, since the Torah considers life directly connected to breathing.’
    • ‘The Torah acknowledges this importance and encourages us to work diligently and to enjoy life in appropriate moderation.’
    • ‘The Torah recounts that at the very outset of the human journey God throws Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.’
    • ‘This is why the Torah requires us to be charitable and hospitable to a slave.’
    • ‘The Torah then imposes a discipline on our desires - this is for purpose A, this is for purpose B, this is used only in certain specific occasions.’
    • ‘But if we ask to be treated as children, we must relate to God the way the Torah expects a child to relate to a parent, with respect and reverence.’
    • ‘The Torah also tells us to be good to the poor, the widow, and the orphan.’
    • ‘It is all this and much more, for the exaltation of the Torah in Jewish tradition is a theme which no words can exhaust.’
    • ‘While mandated to heal, the Torah also commands him to zealously guard his own health.’
    • ‘And this is why, of course, the Sages advise that to hear God one must study the Torah.’
    • ‘As a child, he spent many hours alone, memorizing the Torah and preparing to become a rabbi.’
    • ‘We can learn this from the unique way the Torah describes the prohibition on charging excessive prices, prices far beyond what is accepted for comparable merchandise in other stores.’
    • ‘What, then, is the primary lesson of this section of the Torah?’
    • ‘This same concept is repeated later when the Torah explains the procedure of sacrificing doves or pigeons.’
    • ‘These accounts came precisely as they were found in the Torah sent down to Moses and in the Gospel sent down to Jesus.’
    • ‘Now… why do you think the Torah forbids castrating animals?’
    • ‘I extended my two-month leave of absence for another two months and went to study Torah in Jerusalem for the summer.’
    • ‘The Sages ask a fundamental question: Why was the Torah given in a desert?’
    • ‘The orthodox rabbis have their hands full with the hundreds of thousands of non-observant Jews in their communities, trying to bring them closer to the Torah.’
    • ‘When the Torah laid down the principle of equal justice before the law, the rest of the world must have laughed.’



/ˈtɔːrɑː/ /tɔːˈrɑː/


From Hebrew tōrāh ‘instruction, doctrine, law’, from yārāh ‘show, direct, instruct’.