Meaning of toroidally in English:




See toroidal

‘The tube contains toroidally shaped rings within the maximum diameter portions of the corrugations in the tube wall.’
  • ‘A toroidally bent crystal with the bending radius in the vertical direction r V = 2R sin 2 B, where R is the radius of the Rowland circle, provides point-to-point focusing with the source spot S imaged at the image point I on the circle.’
  • ‘Processing steps are somewhat different from those used for lay-up transformers though the starting material is the same-large toroidally annealed coil coated with magnesium silicate, which usually provides sufficient insulation.’
  • ‘Unlike conventional MHD modes, these modes start toroidally localized and grow in amplitude and toroidal extent.’
  • ‘In another design, the armature is toroidally wound on a slotless stator.’
  • ‘A similar curve can be used to show the general torque characteristic for toroidally wound motors, but it may also have a flat portion.’
  • ‘Other potential magnetic consequences of the SOLC are identified: its error field can introduce complications in feedback control schemes for stabilizing MHD activity and its toroidally non-axisymmetric field can be falsely identified as an axisymmetric field by the tokamak control logic and in equilibrium reconstruction.’