Meaning of tortellini in English:



  • Tortelli which have been rolled and formed into small rings.

    ‘Remove the tortellini from the ring molds and crimp the front edge of each.’
    • ‘Bream is not packed with flavour, so it works well with plenty of others. On this occasion, some clever citrus orzo and a prawn tortellini combined with a bisque emulsion to deliver plenty of flavour.’
    • ‘To finish the tortellini: Divide the reserved pasta dough into three pieces.’
    • ‘Butternut-squash tortellini flecked with sage offers only a slightly less severe case of blissful oblivion - provided you brush off the slivers of overbearing Parmesan.’
    • ‘Pour the tortellini into the prepared loaf pan.’
    • ‘To assemble the tortellini: Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface, divide into thirds.’
    • ‘The tortellini and cannelloni were both defended by a thick coating of mozzarella, which I had barely breached before I had to call it a day.’
    • ‘Cook the tortellini in a large pan of salted, boiling water until al dente.’
    • ‘The pasta dishes could handle the fat, in that the curried linguine with prawns was rich and creamy, and the tortellini had lots of bacon and cream to accompany the peas.’
    • ‘I intended to have broccoli and tortellinis for 2 dinners, and another serving of tortellini for lunch.’
    • ‘The Big Brother (eldest, as well as being most generously covered) had the tortellini with piquillo pepper, chorizo and served in a Parmesan cream sauce.’
    • ‘Although pasta can sometimes disappoint, the mushroom tortellini with truffle oil and rocket was delicious and easily competed with the high standard of the fish and meat.’
    • ‘As a finale, while they tasted the tortellini, Jay commented that they were missing a pinch of something - and threw a fistful of flour in Gordon's face, which Gordon returned, followed by a hug.’
    • ‘With a flush, Kate turned back to her tortellini, keeping her eyes down and lashes in Wesley's direction.’
    • ‘The scallop tortellini did what good restaurants should always do; namely deliver food you can't cook yourself or stuff so fiddly you wouldn't bother.’
    • ‘Michael ate barely half of his tortellini, complaining that it was too spicy and too dry - although I tried some and was surprised that he had given up so quickly.’
    • ‘The tortellini of crab and langoustine I started with were large and succulent, with the shellfish inside chopped to a moist, flaky consistency.’
    • ‘The crab in the tortellini floating in it seemed loaded with intrinsic flavour even before you picked up the lemony-ginger seasoning.’
    • ‘My tortellini were large and juicy, perhaps a little too much so.’
    • ‘She took that as a yes and helped me finish off the remaining tortellini with a healthy sprinkling of Parmesan.’



/ˌtɔːtɪˈliːni/ /ˌtɔːtlˈiːni/


Italian, plural of tortellino, diminutive of tortello ‘small cake, fritter’.