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Pronunciation /tɔːˈtiːjə/

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  • 1(in Mexican cooking) a thin, flat pancake made from maize flour, eaten hot or cold, typically with a savoury filling.

    ‘Cornmeal is patted into a thin pancake called a tortilla.’
    • ‘Later, Sahagún tells us, they feasted agreeably on ‘white tortillas, grains of maize, turkey eggs, turkeys, and all kinds of fruit’.’
    • ‘The warm tortillas were thin and tender, crisp outside and yielding inside, with the rich sweetness of flour bound with salt and fat.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, Mexican Americans eat more tortillas and taco shells than other Hispanics - about twice as many - while the latter group eats three times more rice.’
    • ‘And, if that weren't good enough, the Chefs have the Roast Burritos Vegetarianos, which are vegetable filled tortillas served with Mexican spices and garlic.’
    • ‘Practically every country in the world has its own version: the Mexicans have the tortilla, the Scottish, the oatcakes, the Indian, the chapatti and the Ethiopian the injera.’
    • ‘You can also pick up fresh tortillas and Mexican pastries, learn to make special holiday dishes, and tour a chocolate factory.’
    • ‘A Mexican woman prepares tortillas with salsa and beans.’
    • ‘The pupusa is a cornmeal pancake like a tortilla, and is often fried.’
    • ‘Maize is consumed as tortillas, which accompany rice and beans - typically eaten three times a day with eggs, cheese, meat, or chicken and with chayote stew or salad at lunch or supper.’
    • ‘This restaurant has much more to offer than the standard ‘Mexican’ cuisine of tortillas, refried beans and a handful of jalapenos.’
    • ‘Mexican tortillas are mostly corn, not wheat, and eaten warm.’
    • ‘Corn tortillas, particularly in Mexican supermarkets, come in a variety of sizes.’
    • ‘Place tortillas flat and in the middle of each put a small amount of chicken, grated cheese and sauce, roll lengthways.’
    • ‘Everyone piles fillings onto their tortillas, folds up and devours.’
    • ‘She has a mentality that even if we don't have money at least we have maize to make tortillas to eat.’
    • ‘After scooping the stir-fried filling into the flour tortilla, it was not particularly pleasant wondering if the next mouthful would contain shrimp or beef or, worse yet, both.’
    • ‘Put leftover chicken or turkey strips in a tortilla to make a cold fajita (add strips of raw red and green peppers and onions).’
    • ‘Put the lettuce leaf on the tortilla and spoon the filling on top.’
    • ‘Nicaragua's version of the tortilla is large, thin and made of white corn.’
  • 2(in Spanish cooking) an omelette.

    ‘Among our tapas selections, the Spanish tortilla had none of the eggy allure this traditional potato omelet can exhibit.’
    • ‘It is always served buffet style as a selection of culinary delights such as olives, fish or tortilla which the Spanish pick and choose from.’
    • ‘The Spanish tortilla, La Tasca style, is an omelette of mashed potatoes and onion, mildly seasoned.’
    • ‘Prices range from $5.50 for a tortilla (potato omelette) to $8.95 for rabbit with onions, saffron and white grapes.’
    • ‘Traditional Spanish tapas bars serve up meat, cheese, tortillas and salad for a light evening supper while the olive oil and Spanish wine flow freely.’
    • ‘A Spanish tortilla has nothing in common with its Mexican counterpart except its Latin root-torte meaning a round cake.’
    • ‘For example, he offers three varieties of Spanish tortilla: one plain (with just potatoes and onions); the others with pepper or chorizo sausage.’
    • ‘The best of the tapas - which had us at crossed forks over the final bite - was the tortilla andaluza, or Andalusian omelette.’
    • ‘Helen got the tortilla española, which is a Spanish egg casserole that comes with a house salad.’
    • ‘Lunch in tapas bars is a Spanish treat, serving tasty portions of tortilla, fresh prawns, marinaded red peppers and other morsels of local food.’


Spanish, diminutive of torta ‘cake’.