Meaning of tortrix in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɔːtrɪks/

nounplural noun tortrices/ˈtrɪsiːz/

(also tortrix moth)
  • A small moth with typically green caterpillars that live inside rolled leaves and can be a serious pest of fruit and other trees.

    Family Tortricidae: many species, including Pammene rhediella, whose larvae damage apple and plum trees

    ‘MLEs were detected in the summer fruit tortrix Adoxophyes orana fasciata and the tea tortrix Homona magnanima, but no MLEs were detected in the parasitoid wasp Ascogaster quadridentata.’
    • ‘Sugar pine tortrix larva with ivory colored spots, easily confused with western spruce budworm.’
    • ‘The natural enemies can play an essential role in the regulation of the tortrix moths population dynamics.’
    • ‘As the leaves expand, the tortrix feeds on the leaves, rolling, folding and tying them together for shelter.’
    • ‘The life of the green oak tortrix caterpillar is one that is ruled by split second timing.’
    • ‘Outbreaks of the large aspen tortrix tend to precede those of the forest tent caterpillar.’
    • ‘A third spray may be needed in late July or early August if tortrix moths are a problem.’
    • ‘Apples are the most susceptible crop as they can be attacked by caterpillars of the fruit tree tortrix moth.’
    • ‘The summer fruit tortrix moth is not known to occur in North America but is a major pest of fruit crops, especially apple and pear, in countries where it occurs.’
    • ‘The summer fruit tortrix moth and is one of the most devastating pests in pome fruits and stone fruits; apples and pears.’
    • ‘The defoliation caused by the large aspen tortrix does not affect tree survival since it occurs early enough in the summer season to allow the trees to produce new foliage.’
    • ‘Consequently, the ability of parasites and predators of the orange tortrix to substantially suppress pest populations is greatly diminished by the use of insecticides.’
    • ‘The sex-pheromone activity of a mixture of cis - 9-tetradecenyl acetate and cis - 11-tetradecenyl acetate towards male summer fruit tortrix moths was determined in laboratory tests.’
    • ‘Orange tortrix moths are generally found in California, Oregon, and Washington.’
    • ‘Orange tortrix moths are fawn or gray and the chevron pattern has less contrast than that of the garden tortrix.’
    • ‘The carnation tortrix moth is a butterfly of the tortrix moths family (Tortricidae).’
    • ‘Each pheromone trap is specific to the appropriate species of tortrix moth.’
    • ‘This is a fantastic site, really helpful for micro moths, especially tortrix moths!’
    • ‘Environmental monitoring of Archips podana (fruit tree tortrix moth) in Bramley apple orchards in Northern Ireland’
    • ‘A simpler system can now be proposed in the light of wind-tunnel experiments on male summer fruit tortrix moths entering homogeneous pheromone clouds.’


Late 18th century modern Latin, feminine of Latin tortor ‘twister’, from torquere ‘to twist’.