Meaning of total war in English:

total war


  • A war which is unrestricted in terms of the weapons used, the territory or combatants involved, or the objectives pursued, especially one in which the accepted rules of war are disregarded.

    ‘However, another aspect of total war, unrestricted submarine warfare, caused the USA to enter the war and to a degree negate success in the east.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the term total war approximates the meaning of modernity.’
    • ‘Perhaps no one who maintains the Civil War was a total war means it so literally.’
    • ‘The grip that party fanatics had on German society made it difficult to challenge the Führer's determination to wage a bitter total war rather than admit defeat.’
    • ‘North Vietnam was fighting a total war and viewed the fighting in Laos and Cambodia as part of a regional conflict.’
    • ‘There are total wars and limited wars, regional wars and world wars, conventional wars and nuclear wars, high-technology wars and low-technology wars, inter-state wars and civil wars, insurgency wars and ethnic wars.’
    • ‘One might argue that in war - especially a total war or a war with no rules - one must fight to win.’
    • ‘The best the United States could do in the Gulf was to prioritize its objectives and obtain as many as possible without fighting a total war or breaking up the coalition.’
    • ‘The Vietnam War was not a total war because America feared Chinese intervention, as happened in Korea.’
    • ‘World War One was a total war, and in such conflicts, restraints are cast aside.’
    • ‘Rarely will conflict be resolved through the finality of unconditional surrender; limited war is the rule, and total war the exception.’
    • ‘This time they were going to remain on the defensive in western Europe, while mobilising their military forces and industrial base to fight a total war.’
    • ‘Furthermore, he provides ample historical illustration of how the transformation from monarchy to democracy changed the conduct of war from limited warfare to total war.’
    • ‘When the institution reopened, the instruction emphasized the staff skills required to create and manage armies capable of waging total war.’
    • ‘He described the futile competition born of total war and the development of trench-warfare systems.’
    • ‘On Republic Day, the Prime Minister used warlike words to assure the nation of a coming total war against the criminal onslaught.’
    • ‘During a massive conflict, embracing all aspects of total war, economic warfare can be effective if pursued correctly.’
    • ‘These are considered to be the first total wars in world history, i.e., the bulk of the nation's economy was directed to the war.’
    • ‘After the ‘Marco Polo Bridge Incident’ on July 7, 1937, Japan launched a total war against China.’
    • ‘The grass and tree-covered landscape is still indelibly marked by massive craters, the result of the total war of the 1914-18 Western Front.’