Meaning of totes in English:


Pronunciation /təʊts/


(also tots)
  • Totally.

    • ‘it's summer so it's light all the time plus the scenery is totes amazing’
    • ‘this is pretty embarrassing but I was totes asleep’
    • ‘I'm tots scared right now’
    • ‘I'm totes hungover but still going to yoga.’
    • ‘I am totes getting married tomorrow you guys!’
    • ‘Hugo and Millie are totes getting into this couple thing and have a romantic picnic a deux in someone's back garden.’
    • ‘Just totes embarrassed my friend by honking frantically when I found myself behind him at a red light.’
    • ‘I am totes shocked that a mere two glasses of red wine can produce a hangover.’
    • ‘Claudia is totes in love with old-time sculpture and artwork.’
    • ‘I totes love to bake cake.’
    • ‘The open back with skinny, spidery straps is totes beautiful.’
    • ‘We have no fur babies which makes us totes sad but our dwelling space doesn't allow for them, only for obnoxious neighbors.’
    • ‘You must have been so totes angry.’
    completely, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, utterly, quite, altogether, one hundred per cent


Early 21st century alteration of totally.