Meaning of touch base in English:

touch base


(also US touch bases)
  • Briefly make or renew contact with someone.

    • ‘they are travelling back to Star City, where they plan to touch base with relatives’
    • ‘That is calling people, touching base with contacts.’
    • ‘If you aren't hunting for new sources of supply, you may use the opportunity to touch base and renew relationships.’
    • ‘I finally got sick of wondering what she was up to, and touched base, and we are now in regular, close contact.’
    • ‘You touch base with acquaintances or business contacts you wouldn't otherwise contact.’
    • ‘Just want to touch base if anyone wants to contact me and have a chat about the year.’
    • ‘I also spent Monday touching base with various reporters and editors at mainstream newspapers and magazines in Washington, and not one would defend CBS's action in this case.’
    • ‘This partnership basically helps in leveraging resources and touching base with communities faster.’
    • ‘Well, circumstances conspired against that goal but I did have a good break and even touched base with the family again (always a good thing).’
    • ‘Among those Roussel touched base with were Helen Thomas, Chris Wallace and his boss from the Ford White House days, Donald Rumsfeld.’
    • ‘A lot of them had not touched base with their loved ones, with their spouses, with their parents, with their children, and their friends.’