Meaning of touch bottom in English:

touch bottom


  • 1Reach the ground below a stretch of water with one's feet or a pole.

    ‘Then I let myself down into the water which, on touching bottom, proved to be several feet over my head in depth.’
    • ‘He sank below the surface, and his feet touched bottom!’
    • ‘Her feet touched bottom and she stood up slowly, revelling in the water flowing from her as she rose from the pool.’
    • ‘My feet touch bottom… It's cold in the water, but I'm warm.’
    • ‘He finally struggled close enough to shore so his feet could touch bottom, then he just stood there with the water lapping at his neck.’
    • ‘Allie sighed in exhausted relief when her wobbly feet touched bottom once more.’
    • ‘I was at the absolute end of my strength and ready to give it all up and let myself sink when my foot touched bottom.’
    • ‘Suddenly your feet don't touch bottom any more and you notice you are farther from the beach.’
    • ‘As we conclude our series on ‘Swimming In The Deep End,’ we are reminded that when we get into ‘deep water,’ and we can't touch bottom, it seems like we are about to drown, it seems like we might not make it back to safety this time.’
    • ‘Divers from the U.S. Geological Survey once descended 300 feet into the waters of Devils Hole but they never touched bottom.’
    1. 1.1Be at the lowest or worst point.
      ‘the housing market has touched bottom’
      • ‘But I have no idea where, or when, the market will touch bottom, and I don't really care.’
      • ‘The economy has touched bottom, but the recovery is still sluggish.’
      • ‘There are, however, hints that the chain has touched bottom.’
      • ‘Still, no one knows whether the economy has touched bottom or is simply pausing before heading south again.’