Meaning of touch up in English:

touch up

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phrasal verb

  • 1touch something up, touch up somethingMake small improvements to the appearance or finish of something.

    ‘these paints are handy for touching up small areas on walls or ceilings’
    • ‘she touched up her make-up’
    repaint, patch up, retouch, renovate, refurbish, spruce up, restore, revive, renew, revamp, brush up, rehabilitate, overhaul, recondition, refresh, rejuvenate
    improve, enhance, gloss, dress up, embellish, embroider
  • 2touch someone up, touch up someoneBritish informal Touch or fondle someone without their consent for one's own sexual pleasure.

    • ‘he was sacked after one of his pupils accused him of touching her up’
    • ‘They run into many stereotypical tourists - the British are a bunch of football hooligans, led by Vinnie Jones, the Italians are represented by an outrageously gay man, who touches Scotty up in train tunnels, etc.’
    • ‘No, she was not there at that time. She was only there that time when them two were touching me up.’
    • ‘S also said that R was ‘really weird’ and frequently woke up shouting that ‘lads were touching her up’ at nights when there was nobody else in the room.’
    • ‘He asks a second young woman, ‘Will you let me touch you up, or should I use a stripper?’’
    • ‘Amidst booming drum 'n' bass, models stilettoed through the sawdust and sauntered around the audience whilst being accosted by wide boys shouting abuse and touching them up.’
    • ‘Many women working in the City also say they are touched up by both colleagues, contacts or competitors at such events, and think objecting could be bad for business.’
    • ‘‘I'm suggesting that happened more than once, a security guy came up to you and said that females were complaining that you had been touching them up,’ said Mr Newbury.’
    fondle, molest, feel up