Meaning of tough-mindedness in English:



See tough-minded

‘The famous ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’ slogan and the ‘rights and duties’ approach to citizenship signalled a reasonable attempt to combine liberal principles and tough-mindedness.’
  • ‘While acknowledging the tough-mindedness of this view, I can't help hoping that we can one day work out how to have a civilization that doesn't depend on the threat of the ultimate incivility.’
  • ‘They liked the relaxed but outspoken style, together with a certain tough-mindedness, to be found among Australian philosophers, and they liked the atmosphere of Australia.’
  • ‘Conservatives tend to take pride in their tough-mindedness, a realistic and hard-nosed approach to the dog-eat-dog world we find ourselves in.’
  • ‘The new tough-mindedness was enforced, above all, with executive pay packages that offered princely rewards if stock prices rose.’