Meaning of toughly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌfli/


See tough

‘These acts are illegal and have to be pursued vigorously and toughly, without any exceptions.’
  • ‘However, Britain and the US may struggle to persuade the other three permanent members of the Security Council - France, Russia and China - not to use their vetoes to block such a toughly worded resolution.’
  • ‘As I have indicated, there is widespread ignorance of penal affairs, and talking toughly about crime and its punishment is a good way to appeal, through that ignorance, to the illiberal and the reactionary.’
  • ‘But what is so gripping is the way she ages in the course of this film, changing, by the time we reach its harrowing finale, into the toughly self-reliant and sexy take-charge woman who defined her subsequent roles.’
  • ‘The need to react toughly against those who were harbouring terrorists, as well as against the terrorists themselves, was widely understood.’