Meaning of Tourette's syndrome in English:

Tourette's syndrome

Pronunciation /tʊˈrɛts/


(also Tourette syndrome)
mass noun
  • A neurological disorder characterized by involuntary tics and vocalizations and often the compulsive utterance of obscenities.

    ‘There is an increased rate of OCD in people with Tourette's syndrome, an illness characterized by involuntary movements and vocalizations.’
    • ‘The Maladaptive index includes symptoms of Tourette's syndrome, Posttraumatic stress disorder, toileting problems, sexualized behavior, and pica.’
    • ‘If early-stage experiments pan out, Alzheimer's disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette's syndrome, bulimia, and other brain ailments could be next.’
    • ‘The author notes that obsessive-compulsive disorder is not the only psychiatric disorder that overlaps with Tourette's syndrome.’
    • ‘The neurological disorder known as Tourette's syndrome, which you might have thought of as an adult's disease, can strike when kids are just toddlers.’


Late 19th century named after Gilles de la Tourette (1857–1904), French neurologist.