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Pronunciation /ˈtʊərɪst/

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  • 1A person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure.

    ‘the pyramids have drawn tourists to Egypt’
    • ‘The twin elephants were popular attractions with tourists at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo.’
    • ‘You can see immediately that this is no tour bus stop for visiting Asian budget holiday tourists.’
    • ‘Both fields are close to ancient Silbury Hill, which is popular with travellers and tourists alike.’
    • ‘It will certainly leave a more favourable impression with visiting tourists.’
    • ‘York is also in need of another key visitor attraction to keep tourists in the city for longer, the Vision report continues.’
    • ‘Some locals have trained to become guides or chefs for sightseeing tourists.’
    • ‘The town has developed all types of tourists and the local Tourism Centre has information on them all.’
    • ‘It will no longer be possible to dismiss tourism, to view tourists as a threat to be managed.’
    • ‘Scotland could benefit from tourists travelling within or to the UK but avoiding London.’
    • ‘In the summer the forest is alive with the sound of bird song and the bustle of visiting tourists.’
    • ‘They can be a pleasure for the tourist, a convenience for the locals - but a sign of ill-health for the economy.’
    • ‘Now, Egypt apart, all these countries tend to present one problem or another for the visiting tourist.’
    • ‘All this certainly accounts for the success of these tours, with tourists from all over the world as well as local people.’
    • ‘They evidently have guest houses spread throughout Israel and operate tours for tourists.’
    • ‘As with the Gulf War in 1991, it will take at least five years for US tourists to come back again.’
    • ‘We have had a good response from the tour companies and tourists, and we can see that today the zoo is as crowed as in the past.’
    • ‘You need to speak to the local people who don't mix with tourists, who don't know the West's version of the yetis.’
    • ‘Some Danish tourists have been watching the game before their round, but have given up and left to tee off.’
    • ‘It was probably an advantage for me when I first got out there that my English accent made everyone think I was a tourist.’
    • ‘Twenty five million tourists visit London annually, and another six hundred and fifty thousand commute.’
    • ‘This might explain why five tourists crammed into the three seats next to me at the front of the top deck for most of the journey.’
    • ‘In the cell next door are five more British tourists and two Dutch nationals.’
    • ‘Here's a little snapshot of why our tourists don't really take to Scotland too much.’
    • ‘An American tourist in London decides to skip his tour group and explore the city on his own.’
    traveller, sightseer, visitor, excursionist, backpacker, globetrotter, day tripper
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  • 2British A member of a touring sports team.

    ‘Worcestershire have beaten the tourists with five wickets to spare’
    • ‘Earlier in the day, the tourists were sent galloping along by former Spen batsman Wasim Jaffer.’
    • ‘If Clive Woodward's side is going to beat the tourists then it will be down to the free running backs to inflict the damage.’
    • ‘He was also a GB tourist and coached at international level with Scotland.’
    • ‘The tourists were in complete control of the match from the moment they won the toss on Saturday morning.’
    • ‘The tourists will no doubt rest some of their big stars and allow some of the junior members of the team a chance to play.’
    • ‘The tourists looked for runs from the beginning to put pressure on the hosts.’
    • ‘The first hour indicated that the tourists had not yet recovered from the shock of the Galle match.’
    • ‘John Sparling had all but finished his sixth over against the tourists when Umpire Shortt lost count.’
    • ‘The tourists won their fourth straight victory by eight wickets, in the 36th over.’
    • ‘If it's true a team follows its leader, the tourists are in worse straits than the score suggests.’
    • ‘He has not been an enthusiastic tourist and while always a team man, could often appear a remote and solitary figure off the field.’


[no object] rare
  • Travel as a tourist.

    ‘American families touristing abroad’
    • ‘We touristed our way through Gamla Stan, the island containing much of the old town.’
    • ‘I've been touristing (refuse to go travelling - say no) with Joe for a few months now, and there are a couple of soundbites/mottos that remind me of the whole experience, including when we hooked up with Mike.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, if you are exploring, touristing or just gossiping and have access to e-mail - get writing!’
    • ‘There are loads of interesting foreigners knocking about, touristing.’
    • ‘But we've spent the last couple of months mainly touristing around together.’