Meaning of tournois in English:



historical postpositive
  • Denoting a coin struck at Tours, which was one-fifth less in value than one coined at Paris.

    ‘Louis forgoes the financial payment due him on condition that a window of the same value (100 livres tournois) be installed in the transept chapel of SteBarbe.’
    • ‘And it so happens that at about the same time there was a coin in circulation called a ‘gros denier tournois‘which was worth 15 deniers.’
    • ‘They became notably more costly: the French army cost about 16 million livres tournois in the 1620s and over 38 million after 1640.’
    • ‘No less impressive was the stabilization of the French currency, the livre tournois, which after 1726 was no longer subject to manipulation by the crown.’
    • ‘Despite some blood-curdling threats, the Mamluks chose to confirm the bargain made by Turanshah, mainly because of the enormous ransom of half a million pounds tournois.’



/ˈtʊənwɑː/ /tuʀnwa/