Meaning of townswoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtaʊnzwʊmən/

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nounplural noun townswomen

  • A female resident of a particular town or city.

    ‘we know more about townswomen than we do of the rural-dwelling women’
    • ‘The story is barely hanging by a thread: an outlaw is saved from a hanging by a local townswoman, is used for mining gold, and the two must learn to live and love together.’
    • ‘According to the unofficial versions of town history that Patricia Best gleans from conversations with townswomen, one woman sneaked back to take this food, to give the children on their continuing journey.’
    • ‘One townswoman said: "With this extremely weak winter tourist season, I don't think any of the hotels will have been renovated."’
    • ‘Beverly played a prim townswoman in a pink silk dress, complete with bonnet, parasol, corset, and petticoat.’
    • ‘It is imperative that townswomen across the country investigate, discuss, and publicise the need for new thinking on matters of social concern.’
    • ‘A chorus of townswomen opens and closes the drama.’
    • ‘A townswoman actually comes to the castle in despair, demanding her child; Dracula sets a pack of wolves on her.’
    • ‘The aim is to scare every townsman and townswoman out of town and reclaim what has been lost before sunrise returns.’
    • ‘One townswoman barely flinched from her laundry when Monroe flew over.’
    • ‘On the first day of school she is confronted by a coven of disapproving townswomen intent on giving their new resident her marching orders as regards the education of their progeny.’
    • ‘One of the women lost her husband and son in a recent mine explosion that also turned several other townswomen into widows.’