Meaning of toxically in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɒksɪkli/


See toxic

‘This seed of psychological denial festered toxically when the New England entrepreneurs abandoned overseas trade and discovered manufacturing labor relations and factories at home.’
  • ‘He pulled himself from his room with all the enthusiasm of a pallbearer, irritation mixing toxically with his present self-hatred as he chased them lazily through the unit.’
  • ‘From within the amalgam, I was surprised to detect a hint of cigar smoke, a Black and Mild, and that scent whisked me quickly back to ballparks and football fields, where I had happily inhaled the toxically sweet fumes many times before.’
  • ‘America is fuelled by a faith that toxically mixes puritanism and capitalism, ‘personal growth’ (as the self-help manuals call it) and financial gain.’
  • ‘They have the most toxically polluted air in America.’