Meaning of trabeated in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtreɪbɪətɪd/


See trabeation

‘This constant oscillation in the reading of figure-ground is heightened further by the memory of the trabeated system to which the Doric columns allude.’
  • ‘That is, the interpretation of the Acropolis as an archetypal composition of primary building types: the Parthenon, a trabeated temple (columns and beams), and the Erechtheum, a building composed of walls.’
  • ‘The cross section is typical or Addison's work - playing flame against wall and screen, through bays receding from and projecting beyond the beams and columns of a trabeated structure.’
  • ‘Thus, the trabeated system of construction was invented.’
  • ‘The portico was composed of two superimposed arcades carried on sixteen piers faced with an engaged trabeated system, Doric below and Ionic above, based on the Theater of Marcellus, a play on Cervini's first name.’