Meaning of tracheate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtreɪkɪeɪt/


See trachea

‘Myriapods have been traditionally considered the closest relatives of hexapods, thus implying only one origin of terrestriality for the tracheate lineage, but this view is now challenged by molecular evidence.’
  • ‘The insects are tracheate.’
  • ‘Insects are tracheate arthropods and employ direct transfer of respiratory gases to and from their sites of use and generation via the tracheal system.’
  • ‘In this theory, the forerunners of wings were thoracic, highly tracheate gills that functioned as stabilizers during swimming.’
  • ‘The fact that insects, chilopods and progoneates (many proponents of the insect-crustacean relationship simply neglect the fact that there are two more tracheate taxa, the symphyles and the pauropods!) all have no visible post-antennular appendage does not make it an A2 that was lost.’