Meaning of track circuit in English:

track circuit


  • An electric circuit made in a section of railway track as an aid to signalling, and able to be short-circuited by the presence of a train.

    ‘Once the westbound train has progressed and the caboose is no longer occupying the detector track circuit of interlocking all intermediate signals will return to their normal status.’
    • ‘When there are track problems, it could be a number of things - such as a track circuit, a broken rail or whatever.’
    • ‘It was a broken track circuit today - something like that - I'm not so good on my railway terminology.’
    • ‘There had been a track circuit failure at Erith and the driver announced there would be a coach replacement service.’
    • ‘In our opinion they could not reasonably have foreseen that these track circuits could have caused problems of this nature at a distance of 60 to 70 metres.’