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tracking station


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  • A place from which the movements of missiles, aircraft, or satellites are tracked by radar or radio.

    ‘Galileo will consist of about 30 satellites, a global network of tracking stations and central control facilities in Europe.’
    • ‘A test this month will verify the spacecraft's ability to communicate through NASA's Deep Space Network tracking stations.’
    • ‘A confirmation of successful release is expected to be received from NASA's Deep Space Network tracking stations at Madrid, Spain and Goldstone, Calif., shortly before 8: 00 p.m.’
    • ‘It has a satellite tracking station in Kiribati.’
    • ‘They're like people who live in the same town where NASA has a tracking station, and think that it makes them all astronauts.’
    • ‘The ground or control segment consists of several tracking stations placed at different locations over the Earth's surface, and a central ground station.’
    • ‘Another part of the launch base is made up of the tracking stations.’
    • ‘Shortly after 7: 00 am, a number of aftershocks and subsequent earthquakes were registered by tracking stations around the world.’
    • ‘Predators were identified in each of the study areas by using tracking stations, by visual observation, and by evidence remaining at predated nest sites.’
    • ‘Global networks of tracking stations produce the observations that make generation of the precise ephemerides possible.’
    • ‘NASA's Deep Space Network tracking station in Madrid, Spain, acquired a signal at about 4:00 p.m.’
    • ‘But today the Ministry of Defence, which owns the facility, confirmed that only defence contractors working on the island's radar tracking station will now be able to use it.’
    • ‘Spy Valley takes its name from the large top-secret satellite tracking station based in the Waihopai Valley.’
    • ‘New Zealand is involved in electronic surveillance already, particularly through the Waihopai Valley tracking station near Blenheim, which is part of the US-led Echelon five-nation network.’
    • ‘It was on the site of a U.S. Navy tracking station that had been built during World War II and given back to the local government in the 1970s.’