Meaning of trackway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrakweɪ/


  • 1A path formed by the repeated treading of people or animals.

    ‘a narrow beaten trackway into the forest’
    • ‘Although the 105 Uhangri tracks are variable with respect to depth and size, they appear to have been made by the same kind of animal because they form trackways.’
    • ‘The modern trackways all had drag traces from gastropod shells.’
    • ‘More importantly, the traces do not form an organized trackway and the traces are all alike with no distinction between fore and hind feet.’
    • ‘Thirty feet perhaps represented a good width for a beaten trackway in these parts.’
    • ‘The manus-dominanted trackways initially were interpreted as having been made by swimming animals that floated their hindquarters while walking along the bottom with their forelimbs.’
    • ‘Animals are getting larger and making more substantial trackways; in addition, they're beginning to burrow down into the sediment.’
    • ‘The fact that practically all dinosaur trackways are straight strongly favours animals desperately trying to escape some catastrophe.’
    • ‘No trackway evidence of running by larger animals such as T. rex has been found, which is not unexpected.’
    • ‘The first dinosaur trackway - a trail of 34 footprints of an Allosaurus - was identified by Zimbabwean geologist Tim Broderick only two kilometres away from the new site.’
    • ‘In contrast, trackway C follows a straight line with 10 regular footprints made over a smaller incline.’
    • ‘They therefore contribute more information than trackways towards our understanding of the diversity of ancient arthropod communities.’
    • ‘A ‘track’ is the impression of a foot or other walking appendage in sediment; consecutive tracks are called a trackway.’
    • ‘The Uhangri sauropod ichnites are the first Late Cretaceous manus-only sauropod trackways and are among the few Late Cretaceous sauropod tracks.’
    • ‘Other trackways start or stop abruptly, with no sign that the animals’ missing tracks were covered by some disturbance such as shifting sediments.’
    • ‘However, these rocks do record the earliest presence of dinosaurs in the form of numerous trackways in southwestern Gondwana.’
    footpath, pathway, track, jogging track, trail, trackway, ride, riding, towpath, walk, walkway, promenade, esplanade, avenue, lane, alley, alleyway, passage, passageway, byway, sidetrack, berm, causeway, right of way
    1. 1.1An ancient roadway.
      ‘The Duxford enclosure stood at a significant point in the landscape, overlooking the point where the Icknield Way - the major trackway from Wessex to East Anglia - crosses the River Cam.’
      • ‘Pre-Inclosure maps show patterns of fields, trackways, roads and hedges in the valley that must be prehistoric because they are cut across by Roman roads and other Roman features.’
      • ‘Levels of population, for example, played a crucial role in the development of roads and trackways; so, too, standards of law and order and political structures.’
      • ‘A digger bought the remains of the medieval boat to light, wedged up against an ancient trackway apparently laid down over the muddy ground leading to the river bank.’
      • ‘Walkers travel via ancient trackways and through some of Wiltshire's most unspoilt landscapes.’
      • ‘Medieval Britain inherited around 10,000 miles of Roman road, combined with an extensive network of trackways following less clearly defined routes.’
      • ‘Maiden Castle was at that time a permanent settlement with stone and wooden houses linked by surfaced trackways.’
      • ‘Walk out of your door and you are soon on a medieval trackway, a medieval pilgrimage route, or a medieval market place.’
      • ‘Far older, yet equally abundant, are the barrows, hillforts, stone circles, camps, standing stones, trackways, and other relics of prehistoric times that have survived for several thousand years.’
      • ‘Prehistoric timber trackways are well known, but in June archaeologists excavated an unusual Early Medieval track at Llancynfelyn near Talybont, Ceredigion.’
      • ‘Amongst the earliest structures revealed during the survey were trackways from the 4th millennium BC, visible only very rarely at extreme low water.’
      • ‘The main visible archaeological features are in stone, notably walls, cairns and trackways, with possible remains of a few rectangular buildings and burial cairns.’
      • ‘Housing comprised dormitories for single men, smaller huts for married men with families and separate huts for foremen all arranged in formal rows separated by trackways.’
      • ‘These were surrounded by fences, middens and trackways.’
      • ‘I was excavating the end of a Roman trackway where it reached the edge of the gravel terrace and was covered by a layer of peat.’
      • ‘Once the excavation is complete, the trackway will be backfilled with earth again, as this is the best way to preserve the timbers.’
      • ‘Fragments of wattle and daub used in the house construction plus a trackway lined with treetrunks leading to the entrance have also been uncovered.’