Meaning of tractor beam in English:

tractor beam


  • (in science fiction) a hypothetical beam of energy that can be used to move objects such as spaceships or hold them stationary.

    ‘We're being pulled by a tractor beam onto that ship.’
    • ‘Yes we could put a tractor beam on the mother ship and drag it along with us.’
    • ‘One, the craft would be dead in space, on the same heading, unless that course was changed by an outside force, a tractor beam, or another ship.’
    • ‘The shuttle shook a few seconds later from the tractor beam's electric blast.’
    • ‘The ship shook with the familiar tremble of a tractor beam.’
    • ‘When caught in the tractor beam of an alien vessel, drift sideways against the beam and be careful not to let the undercurrent pull you into the ship.’
    • ‘As their ship got closer to the alien ship, it lurched as if caught in a tractor beam, and was pulled to a spot on the far side of the large egg.’
    • ‘Her pod was adrift in space when she felt a tractor beam take hold of her.’
    • ‘Then a light shone something like a tractor beam and it lifted him up slowly off the ground.’
    • ‘Well it looks to be a gunship of some sort so it should have a tractor beam.’
    • ‘We'll tow it in, our shuttle's got a decent tractor beam.’
    • ‘If there is no rejoinder, then cripple the ship and we'll bring it into the bay with our tractor beam.’
    • ‘Don't tell me you haven't heard of a tractor beam.’
    • ‘A tractor beam came out, and sucked the 3 virus hawks in.’
    • ‘The docking bay had now locked onto the transport with a tractor beam, leaving it to the pilot to simply turn the ship into the right direction before entering the bay.’
    • ‘It captivated him, drew him in like a sci-fi tractor beam.’
    • ‘A tractor beam isn't actually a telekinetic power, per se, but it would be a reasonable facsimile thereof.’
    • ‘The tractor beam has become a staple part of any sci-fi story, in which baddies or goodies are captured - normally when they think they have just escaped.’
    • ‘I thought a tractor beam was going to come out and pull us in.’
    • ‘Once tractor beam is established we will drop our shields, and I will beam over and present myself to you for formal surrender.’