Meaning of trade book in English:

trade book


  • A book published by a commercial publisher and intended for general readership.

    ‘A manuscript for a trade book goes through several stages of editing before it goes to press.’
    • ‘It might not matter in a general trade book, but the author does not seem to be addressing himself principally to a popular lay audience.’
    • ‘Most impressively, the report is illustrated with nine photographs bearing marks of a finer finish than the average trade book of the time could boast.’
    • ‘And her book, a confessional Christian memoir, will expose her as a devout and orthodox Christian and as a writer of a trade book.’
    • ‘Phase two is to open up the lines of communication between editors and readers like the trade book business has never seen before.’
    • ‘There are seventy thousand new trade book titles each year in the U.S. alone.’
    • ‘In less than a decade, however, the independent bookstore's position as the outlet for the great majority of the trade books sold in the U.S. has been reversed.’
    • ‘As part of this change I would drop textbooks in favor of trade books, a syllabus in favor of a classroom library, and go strongly for individual and small-group reading.’
    • ‘This essay highlights the ways in which children's literature, that is, trade books (not textbooks) for children, became important vehicles for civil rights activism.’
    • ‘These include primary and secondary sources in the form of trade books, magazines, newspapers, pictures, videos, charts, Internet sources, and other media and art forms.’
    • ‘How did it ever get published by one of the flagship publishers of academic and serious trade books?’
    • ‘Then, and only then, do texts matter, and real trade books are often a better vehicle than books written for captive student audiences.’
    • ‘This study describes how two second grade teachers along with a school counselor used bibliotherapy trade books with students within Literature Circles to build self-esteem in reading.’
    • ‘Narrative texts, including trade books and stories found in basals, are commonly used in primary classrooms for children's reading instruction.’
    • ‘Most trade books are sold through retail outlets (bookstores, discount clubs, and online), but a book placed in a library's collection has the potential to cannibalize retail sales.’
    • ‘During the first step, we hoped to engage the interest of the learner through either storyteller presentations or through the use of trade books related to the lesson's topic.’