Meaning of trade discount in English:

trade discount

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  • A discount on the retail price of something allowed or agreed between traders or to a retailer by a wholesaler.

    ‘Patrick managed to negotiate a 15 trade discount on the price of the car.’
    • ‘These bits and pieces you can get cheaper if some are on sale and if you know how to haggle well, or if you have a trade discount at these stores.’
    • ‘She testified that she discussed three alternatives, a) an hourly rate, b) a trade discount rate and c) she would work at 25% over the sub-trades that she arranged.’
    • ‘The consortium offered to implement the project at a cost of $62.6 million with a $9.6 million trade discount.’
    • ‘The reason for this was that he had bought the goods through the companies and could get trade discounts and also he would recoup the VAT.’