Meaning of trade dispute in English:

trade dispute

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  • A dispute among workers or between employers and workers that is connected with the terms or conditions of employment.

    ‘And a trade dispute has erupted between Australia and the Philippines over mutual market access between the two countries.’
    • ‘In the late 1600s, France and England got into a trade dispute, ending with the British banning French wine.’
    • ‘And this is not the only trade dispute to affect public transport of late.’
    • ‘Now, however, the products are at the center of a major trade dispute between Japan and China.’
    • ‘I mean, we took the view, because the black police officers' association were involved, that it was almost tantamount to a trade dispute, as well as an individual dispute.’
    • ‘Our claim on members' terms was met in full, and the trade dispute ceased to exist.’
    • ‘On issues of contention, such as the trade dispute between America and Europe, the Prime Minister and President had no progress to announce and nothing of substance to say.’
    • ‘I am satisfied that it is not, therefore, a trade dispute and is unlawful.’
    • ‘Almost by definition, however, the parties in a trade dispute are companies, and almost inevitably one company ‘wins’ and another ‘loses’.’
    • ‘Secondly, in contrast with most other groups and individuals, trade unions were immune from civil liabilities for losses or damages which arose from actions taken in the cause of a trade dispute.’
    • ‘They claim that the clubs, and not the league, are the legal employers of the players, and that the matter does not therefore actually constitute a trade dispute.’
    • ‘It could cover, therefore, a picket aimed to persuade people not to enter a place of work, established as part of a legitimate trade dispute.’
    • ‘A lecturers' union has declared a trade dispute with the college in response to plans to axe more than 100 jobs.’
    • ‘The two companies are also at the centre of a trade dispute between the United States and the European Union.’
    • ‘Both countries are locked in a trade dispute over bananas, beef and cashmere.’
    • ‘The council argued that the action was illegal under union law as it was not a valid trade dispute.’
    • ‘The ongoing trade dispute over steel imports escalated today.’
    • ‘A trade dispute no longer exists and continued industrial action is unnecessary and unlawful.’
    • ‘Rather it was a not so subtle attempt to strike back at Brazil in an ongoing trade dispute over state subsidies to regional jet manufacturers.’
    • ‘A major trade dispute is brewing over the export of Canadian softwood lumber to the United States.’