Meaning of trade paper in English:

trade paper


another term for trade journal
‘Cinema admissions in London dropped by 75-80% on the day of the attacks because of the forced closure of many cinemas, according to the trade paper Screen International.’
  • ‘This piece in the aviation trade paper talks about a United Airlines Boeing 777 that flew for 193 minutes on a single engine when on a non-stop flight from Auckland to Los Angeles.’
  • ‘We put an advert in the trade paper and got only one answer.’
  • ‘The international editor of the trade paper said that while some films may relocate in Ireland or elsewhere, others may not happen at all.’
  • ‘Now the trade paper has suspended him indefinitely.’
  • ‘This letter, published in a weekly trade paper, said the game was abandoned after 20 minutes because of the actions of three players.’
  • ‘‘According to our trade paper on Monday some agents are reporting that sales have dried up,’ he said.’
  • ‘It's possible the limited series could include an Antichrist character, sources told the trade paper.’
  • ‘Also, dance studios have message boards for open auditions or you can look for them in the trade paper The Stage.’
  • ‘The trade paper says the airline will also eventually drop its 15 older 767-200s, which cost more to run than 757s.’
  • ‘One trade paper noted that while the operators helped ‘to maintain morale, their own morale as business men is at a high level.’’
  • ‘The fellow from the trade paper cannot stand it.’
  • ‘A survey was done in a certain trade paper in January of this year concerning the so-called ‘IT Skills shortage’.’
  • ‘The reason I know is because my daughter read in a trade paper that the book was sold to the movies.’
  • ‘I was supposedly to get a copy via a bookcrossing ray, but that one has been stalled plus I found a cheap trade paper copy.’
  • ‘The two main reasons for this are that there isn't really any coherent trade paper for the take-aways because they have got such a diversification of food outlets.’
  • ‘He told the trade paper: ‘It is absolutely ludicrous.’’
  • ‘A recent report in the trade paper noted that in Romania the average salary is £65 a month and extras work for as little as £6 a day.’