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trade war

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  • A situation in which countries try to damage each other's trade, typically by the imposition of tariffs or quota restrictions.

    ‘There already are indications that the commercial dispute between Japan and China will be contained, preventing a wider trade war which could damage economies across Asia.’
    • ‘The biggest threat: an all-out trade war that clobbers corporate confidence and puts a dent in the global economy.’
    • ‘What is certain is that a trade war would be hugely damaging for both the US and the EU.’
    • ‘The White House says that will avert a trade war, a global trade war, that could hurt the U.S. economy at a time all the government data shows it is roaring back to life.’
    • ‘If relations continue to deteriorate between the EU and the US, what are the odds on a trade war?’
    • ‘However modest these were, they undermined confidence in the dollar and raised fears of a trade war.’
    • ‘If the president hadn't repealed these tariffs we'd be facing a real trade war.’
    • ‘The balance sheet is also complicated by the fact that the new tariffs were quickly followed by a trade war with France in 1889.’
    • ‘Right now the threat of a trade war looms as Europe pressures the U.S. to lift steel tariffs.’
    • ‘Exporting your economic problems almost always seems like an attractive solution - until it leads to a trade war, which can lead to a shooting war.’
    • ‘He was forced to fly to Shanghai last month in a last-minute bid to head off a trade war about surging textile imports from China.’
    • ‘He unleashed a six-year trade war with the UK in order to gain control over Irish ports, which he eventually won against the payment of £10 million in 1938.’
    • ‘At the other end were the high levels of production supports and export subsidies in agriculture that helped to spark a full-scale trade war across the Atlantic.’
    • ‘The row broke out as it emerged that the conflict with China was threatening to erupt into a full-scale trade war that could send high street prices soaring.’
    • ‘It was negotiated as a final peace deal the last time the simmering dispute had threatened to turn into an all-out trade war between Europe and America.’
    • ‘The prospect of a trade war over aviation subsidies between Europe and the US is as depressing as it is predictable, and is down to the overinflated egos of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘The president faces a decision whether or not to withdraw the tariffs that he imposed on steel imports, or face a trade war with Europe, at least to the tune of some $2.2 billion.’
    • ‘But there is a further crisis pending and one whose impact threatens to dwarf the row over the import of Chinese textiles - a trade war between the EU and the US.’
    • ‘They fully recognize that given Canada's size and dependence on the US economy such a policy could only embroil them in an unwinnable trade war.’
    • ‘A trade war threatened and a giant global corporation was brought to its knees.’