Meaning of tradescantia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtradɪˈskantɪə/


  • An American plant with triangular three-petalled flowers, especially a tender kind widely grown as a houseplant for its trailing, typically variegated, foliage.

    Compare with spiderwort

    Genus Tradescantia, family Commelinaceae

    ‘I tend to grow them with grasses and similar prairie plants such as silphium, tradescantias, helleniums and asters.’
    • ‘Combine with a foreground planting of tradescantias to create a cool oasis of vibrant blues and greens.’
    • ‘All tradescantias tend to lose their lower leaves with age and should be propagated regularly.’
    • ‘They, along with the self sown tradescantias, violets, hollyhocks and dame's rocket are part of the greater urban garden.’
    • ‘I have several daylilies and tradescantias with well developed flower buds.’
    • ‘Since I've never had any tradescantias previously, I don't know what to compare it to, but I look forward to dividing this one and getting a few more.’


Modern Latin, named in honour of John Tradescant (see Tradescant, John).