Meaning of trading estate in English:

trading estate


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  • A specially designed industrial and commercial area.

    ‘Business owners on a trading estate in Old Town saw red after council officials painted double yellow lines in error.’
    • ‘The proposed site consists of a trading estate, made up of a mixed quality of industrial buildings, many of which are empty.’
    • ‘The Périphérique that rings the city like a tarmacadam moat has now been absorbed into a sprawl of trading estates, high-rise developments and anonymous sleeper suburbs.’
    • ‘There were also novelties such as trading estates which offered inducements to industrialists to group together and move into older industrial areas by offering cheap rates or investment grants.’
    • ‘Lorries using a residential road as a shortcut to Westbury trading estates have caused so much damage to a low rail bridge the road has been closed for six weeks while it is made safe.’
    • ‘We believe this provides the most effective solution because it would be shorter, still provide access to the trading estate and give better traffic relief to the people of Westbury.’
    • ‘The man adds knowingly: ‘People have questioned why he's still here and not on a trading estate.’’
    • ‘The shocking bit is, why would anyone do that on a trading estate on a Friday night?’
    • ‘The campaign still has a way to go yet and I hope the rest of the companies on the trading estate will be as enthusiastic as those already involved.’
    • ‘Customs officers found nearly £1m worth of cocaine and cannabis hidden in secret compartments in around 50 boxes of peppers at a trading estate in Southall.’
    • ‘Council planners deferred their decision for the houses and flats on a trading estate in Okus Road, Old Town, due to ‘serious concerns over density’.’
    • ‘I went outside and saw the smoke coming from the trading estate and then heard all the sirens.’
    • ‘The plan, which is still at an early stage, would allow traffic to pass Westbury on the west and be routed via the trading estate to the A36.’
    • ‘It would not look out of place on a Slough trading estate.’
    • ‘Early on a June morning last year, four police officers drew up outside a warehouse on a deserted trading estate in Birmingham.’
    • ‘Targets included a lock-up on a trading estate in Denton and premises in Cheetham Hill, north Manchester.’
    • ‘The resin found its way into the trading estate's balancing pond, which catches rainwater from roofs and car parks.’
    • ‘At this point traffic trying to enter the town centre would have to pass a large trading estate.’
    • ‘They followed the car to the trading estate and saw it drive in.’