Meaning of traffic lights in English:

traffic lights

Pronunciation /ˈtrafɪklʌɪts/

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plural noun

(also traffic light)
  • A set of automatically operated coloured lights, typically red, amber, and green, for controlling traffic at road junctions, pedestrian crossings, and roundabouts.

    ‘As this study focuses on urban areas, a bunch could normally mean a cluster of vehicles released from an upstream traffic signal during the green time.’
    • ‘Getting stuck at the traffic signal at Silk Board Junction can lead one beyond road rage.’
    • ‘Simulating the presence of a large motor vehicle in an inductive loop of a vehicular traffic signal light control system’
    • ‘Even the usual traffic signal at unmanned junctions gives the pedestrian very little time (in some junctions it is less than five seconds) to cross.’
    • ‘Adding that to our lists could cost us a green light at the first traffic signal.’
    • ‘The last time I contacted him was to report the always-red traffic light near Nandan Road.’
    • ‘She turned right at the junction even when the traffic light had turned red.’
    • ‘At that moment, the traffic light went green and the girls walked across the street.’
    • ‘Once I even caught myself patiently waiting for the green man at a traffic light before I crossed an empty street.’
    • ‘We hit the trail at the north side of the traffic light at Main Street and Old Mammoth Road.’
    • ‘He stared futilely at her figure, unable to reach her as the traffic signal turned green.’
    • ‘The scheme would incorporate a three-arm traffic signal with each arm operating on a shuttle system.’
    • ‘People standing beside him on the sidewalk while they waited for the traffic light to turn green.’
    • ‘Had the traffic light been green instead of red, we could have been right in front of him.’
    • ‘For the third year running a mistle thrush has chosen an amber traffic light in Salford to rear her young.’
    • ‘The traffic light flicked green and the bus motored off round the corner leaving them to fight it out.’
    • ‘Well I've waited and waited right through the long hot Summer, waiting for the green to go red, like a traffic light in reverse.’
    • ‘Every traffic light, every gas stop turns into a short conversation.’
    • ‘One traffic signal jammed at the crossroads of Deansgate, Bridge Street and John Dalton Street.’
    • ‘That access road gives him an unimpeded run up to a traffic light about a quarter of a mile away.’