Meaning of tragical in English:



See tragic

‘In Chapter Six, Johnny meets Belladonna and loses her again, in tragical circumstances.’
  • ‘One of the things which I've learned from it all, from this - it's amazing how some - such a tragical experience can bring so much love and so much - can teach you so much.’
  • ‘In this sense, Shylock is a tragical figure instead of a comical one, because he has to make a difficult decision, either result of which will hurt himself.’
  • ‘The melancholy way of treating religion is that which, according to my apprehension, renders it so tragical, and is the occasion of its acting in reality such dismal tragedies in the world.’
  • ‘However much he might mock the pedantic generic confusions of the ‘pastoral, tragical comical’ theatre of his predecessors, Shakespeare was their heir.’