Meaning of trailer-sailer in English:



Australian, New Zealand
  • A small sailing boat which can be transported on a trailer.

    ‘his parents had a little trailer-sailer called Smithy’
    • ‘Maybe you can rent out one of your trailer sailers?’
    • ‘The most popular of his small craft were his canoes and the Lysander, a 17 ft trailer-sailer.’
    • ‘In the 1950s he qualified as a naval architect, and designed other boats, including small dinghies, trailer-sailers, yachts and cabin cruisers.’
    • ‘The campervan plan would make parking tight on race days, particularly near Pier Z, where boaties with trailer-sailers launched and parked.’
    • ‘It's is a proper little cruising yacht, a true trailer-sailer.’
    • ‘The company wants to convert a milking parlour to build its trailer sailers.’