Meaning of trailer trash in English:

trailer trash


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mass noun informal, derogatory US
  • Poor, lower-class white people, typified as living in mobile homes.

    • ‘their parenting style has moved the family from upper-middle-class suburban to trailer trash in one generation’
    • ‘I am straight up white trailer trash from Jupiter, Florida.’
    • ‘The last time, she said I was white trailer trash and slept in a dumpster.’
    • ‘He barely made high school and his daddy was poor trailer trash.’
    • ‘I'd like my son to round out his education on all things trailer trash before you turn off the telly.’
    • ‘There are places that look like the stereotype of trailer trash, outbuildings unpainted and falling apart, old cars rusting.’
    • ‘But still, the beauty of it is that it is sometimes still kinda trailer trash.’
    • ‘Although we're told he's a rich boy, he's portrayed as a working-class tough guy, the sort of wife-beating trailer trash Hollywood loves to hate.’
    • ‘I wouldn't want to be related to trailer trash like that either.’
    • ‘She's not trailer trash, but she sure acts that way.’
    • ‘You took that piece of trailer trash off to some romantic getaway, didn't you?’