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train oil

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mass nounmainly historical
  • Oil obtained from the blubber of a whale (and formerly of other sea creatures), especially the right whale.

    ‘I shudder when I think of the portions we received: seven or eight enormous black steaks, swimming in fried train oil, and garnished with bits of blubber.’
    • ‘However, at this time there were already many established firms that produced train oil and thus held a certain monopoly.’
    • ‘That's difficult for me to understand, however enlightened I may be with sun, moon, stearine, train oil, and tallow.’
    • ‘The price of train oil rose from 35 cents per gallon in 1825 to 95 cents in 1855.’
    • ‘The train oil factory was situated at Josefsvej, beside the then residence of the trading post manager (today's doctor's residence).’


Mid 16th century from obsolete train ‘train oil’, from Middle Low German trän, Middle Dutch traen, literally ‘tear’ (because it was extracted in droplets).