Meaning of train wreck in English:

train wreck


  • 1A collision or other accident involving a train.

    ‘a relative was killed in the Humber river train wreck’
    • ‘He crashed head-on into a freight train and likely caused the nation's deadliest commuter train wreck in nearly four decades.’
    • ‘Investigators are still searching through the debris of the deadly train wreck.’
    • ‘A train wreck disrupted Internet connections and caused a one-day delay in pre-trial hearings for five prisoners.’
    • ‘Authorities say excessive speed caused a train wreck that killed 36 people, and injured 81 others.’
    • ‘If this number of casualties had occurred in a train wreck or airline disaster, public inquiries would have been established, and millions of pounds invested in safety improvements as a result.’
    • ‘The actor plays a Philadelphia security guard who survives a train wreck that kills 131 others, miraculously emerging without a scratch.’
    • ‘With recent events ranging from train wrecks to hurricanes, floods, and mudslides, the need for someone to coordinate efforts between emergency responders and other agencies is becoming all too clear.’
    • ‘The paper's full of stories about plane crashes and train wrecks.’
    • ‘The crash injured 48 people, four seriously, in the latest in a series of commuter train wrecks in recent months.’
    • ‘I heard about the commuter train wreck in Glendale, California.’
    1. 1.1North American informal A chaotic or disastrous situation that holds a ghoulish fascination for observers.
      • ‘his train wreck of a private life guaranteed front-page treatment’
      • ‘What we're witnessing here in what was supposed to have been a championship season for Democrats is a potential train wreck.’
      • ‘Now she is considered a visual joke, a train wreck.’
      • ‘The long run of successes had quickly ended in a train wreck.’
      • ‘On paper, Northern Ballet Theatre's new adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy reads like a potential train wreck.’
      • ‘The recent decades of Brando's film career have consisted of a series of train wrecks.’
      • ‘The last three weeks have been a drawn-out train wreck!’
      • ‘There's a fiscal train wreck about 15 years from now.’
      • ‘You end up with a train wreck of an ad, which people assume is going to lead them to a similarly complicated site.’
      • ‘We are seeing the future of the National Party get itself out of the way of the train wreck that is about to come.’
      • ‘The Great Depression bequeathed us screwball comedy, a genre beyond the stars ' grasp in this train wreck of a revival.’
      • ‘I could see that train wreck coming from miles away.’
      • ‘Of course, all this has been a train wreck waiting to happen for quite some time now.’
      • ‘The Chicago Bulls, despite all their money and semi-recent championships, are a train wreck.’
      • ‘Ten days of work and the display looks like a train wreck.’
      • ‘But it may be too late, because conservatives don't want to be part of the looming train wreck.’
      • ‘He mulled over the passage and then thought about the train wreck that was his life.’
      • ‘It's not a complete and utter train wreck by any stretch of the imagination.’
      • ‘I wonder if it's a train wreck or a really good show.’
      • ‘This was a bad result for Labor, but it was not a train wreck.’
      • ‘New Zealanders must be kept in paid work if employment here is not to emulate the train wreck already apparent in Britain and the United States, and threatening Australia.’