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Pronunciation /trɑːns/

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  • 1A half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.

    ‘she put him into a light trance’
    • ‘What I do is enter a light trance state, and then attempt to use touch visualization to climb the rope out of my body.’
    • ‘This entity was supposed to be a manifestation or thought-form akin to the ectoplasm that is generated by mediums while in a trance state.’
    • ‘‘Journeying’ isn't the same as attaining a trance state so you can work as a medium/oracle for example.’
    • ‘For example, some practitioners see someone's very sense of identity as a powerful trance state, rather than as something with a concrete existence.’
    • ‘They don't understand that they're moving toward the trance state, the crossing of the threshold.’
    • ‘I was filtering out all verbal communication and only paying attention to body language, and entered a really peaceful trance state.’
    • ‘Slowly, I break the light trance and stand up, feeling much better.’
    • ‘Hypnotherapy will only be effective, he says, if the hypnotic trance is deep enough.’
    • ‘The experience of a hypnotic trance is one of extremely focussed attention.’
    • ‘Analogies were drawn to waking from a dream, from a hypnotic trance, or from meditation.’
    • ‘She silently slipped into a meditative trance and heard the music of her mind.’
    • ‘She focused her power on the warriors below her, going into an almost meditative trance.’
    • ‘Is this a mystical gift bestowed upon me in a meditative trance?’
    • ‘We would associate the hands actually touching with a deepening of the trance state.’
    • ‘There is no documented report of Virginia being placed into a mesmeric trance in the hours preceding her death.’
    • ‘In desperation I turned to that old standby, the self-induced trance.’
    • ‘I generally use a 20 to 30-minute trance induction and deepening process.’
    • ‘Take the plunge of trance induction, but don't use illegal substances to get there!’
    • ‘Would it be easier just to try a shamanic trance and go hunt them down?’
    • ‘Her mind began to enter a trance, and she almost thought she heard faint, crystalline singing.’
    daze, stupor, haze, hypnotic state, half-conscious state, dream, daydream, reverie, brown study, suspended animation
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    1. 1.1A state of abstraction.
      ‘the kind of trance he went into whenever illness was discussed’
      • ‘When I finally snapped out of my trance / ice cream fantasy, I willed myself to continue forward to the object of my quest.’
      • ‘Danielle snapped out of her trance of imagining construction workers dancing around while trying to wipe dirt out of their eyes.’
      • ‘A scream that broke him from his trance, from his imagination, and brought him running in the direction of the ballroom.’
      • ‘Most fantasizers find being in a formal trance more vivid than other imagery in their daily lives, but similar.’
      • ‘She stood at the sink in a trance, waiting for the next line in the imaginary conversation while she rinsed the mug over and over, but it wouldn't come.’
      • ‘He went across her line of vision, and snapped her out of her trance.’
      • ‘The loud music blaring from her room brought Kyle out of his thoughtful trance, and he looked up absently.’
      • ‘Soft rustling from outside broke his trance and forced him to his feet.’
      • ‘Suddenly a knock on her door snapped her out of her trance of sorts.’
      • ‘While most books written for small children put me into a befugged trance state, Winnie the Pooh keeps me reading, and interested.’
      daze, stupor, haze, hypnotic state, half-conscious state, dream, daydream, reverie, brown study, suspended animation
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    2. 1.2mass noun A type of electronic dance music characterized by hypnotic rhythms and sounds.
      ‘in the Hades Warehouse there's the finest in trance and techno’
      • ‘I usually listen to some kind of dance music or trance music or something that is upbeat and continuous.’
      • ‘Instead of the hip-hop junglist acid garage trance music that usually sounds from outside my window, all I can hear is the drumbeat of war.’
      • ‘It's important to note that these are not pop songs in any sense of the word - this is traditional trance music with an electric twist, and should be approached as such.’
      • ‘Darrin will consult on the purchase of some techno, acid house and trance music out of the money raised.’
      • ‘Hip-hop, trance music, disco, and house quickly became an obsession for her.’
      • ‘If rap or trance music with pounding bass lines is your staple musical diet, you had better look elsewhere.’
      • ‘I passed by a group of what looked like thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds; who were dancing to the extremely loud trance music blaring on the far left, in a somewhat secluded room.’
      • ‘With a soft humming house / trance music playing in the background, one can really enjoy oneself very nicely in the surroundings, while sitting on comfortable chairs and benches.’
      • ‘Personally, I find loud trance music (in French or Italian) helps.’
      • ‘It's not like any of us back then set out with this grand idea in our heads, like, ‘We're going to make trance music and be huge.’’
      • ‘So far, this has meant a strong focus on Moroccan trance music, expressed over three CDs made in collaboration with a number of Marrakech-based musicians.’
      • ‘Back then, he was just beginning his career as a DJ, playing his brand of energetic, driving trance music at small raves around Ottawa.’
      • ‘The combination of percussion and reeds, and the frenzied pace of some of the pieces, creates some uncanny parallels with Moroccan trance music.’
      • ‘But, the quality is good enough and, if you like trance music, its definitely trancey.’
      • ‘Pirate radio is still illegal but today there are more stations than ever beaming everything from trance music to anarchy into Britain's homes.’
      • ‘There are certainly trance elements there, but it's not the same as the kinds of things you hear today that are called trance music.’
      • ‘If you looking for great trance music this is the place to go on Saturdays.’
      • ‘Just type in Trance and you get a list of all the stations that list trance music in their genre information.’
      • ‘Inside, a form of trance music played as the people danced, almost to a slower beat.’


[with object] literary
  • Put into a trance.

    ‘she's been tranced and may need waking’
    • ‘Her eyes gleamed when she spoke, almost trancing the other person.’
    • ‘She kept remembering the long look they had shared, and how easily she'd been tranced by those green eyes.’
    • ‘By the end of the show, a shaman will bring the tranced dancer back to normal by blowing air into the dancer's ear.’


Middle English (originally as a verb in the sense ‘be in a trance’): from Old French transir ‘depart, fall into trance’, from Latin transire ‘go across’.