Meaning of trans-Pacific in English:



  • 1Crossing the Pacific.

    ‘trans-Pacific routes to India’
    • ‘This brings up an interesting question: Is the risk of dying in a trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific crossing greater on a cruise liner or in a jumbo jet?’
    • ‘Interested in photography, he worked for Pan American Airways in the mid-1930s, taking pictures of the development of the trans-Pacific air route.’
    • ‘But the city had key advantages, including that it was closer to North America on trans-Pacific routes than competitors such as Hong Kong or Taipei.’
    • ‘That's the world's second-busiest waterway and a vital trans-Pacific route for supertankers.’
    • ‘Moves by exporters and shipping lines to settle the thorny problem of terminal handling charges on key trans-Pacific and intra-Asia routes collapsed before they really started earlier this week.’
    • ‘Revenue growth at trans-Pacific routes and trans-Atlantic routes was 21.4 per cent and 14 per cent, respectively.’
    • ‘The 747-400s will be used to operate trans-Pacific cargo routes from Hong Kong to the United States.’
    • ‘Within Asia itself, China and the China - Burma - India theatre came to take second place to the trans-Pacific, island-hopping strategy that had proved successful by late 1943.’
    • ‘The attendants are demanding a 24-hour midnight-to-midnight break for working 13-hour trans-Pacific flights from New Zealand to Los Angeles.’
    • ‘A peaceful trans-Pacific flight instantly changes into chaotic disaster when a fire in the cargo hold precipitates a headlong crash into the inky darkness of storm-tossed seas.’
    • ‘In the autumn of 1934, Amelia decided that her next flight would be a trans-Pacific flight from Hawaii to California… and then on to Washington D.C.’
    • ‘It's nothing to the extent that others coming through the other trans-Pacific ports are experiencing.’
    • ‘Since most of the hotels I was booked in had high-speed Net connections and we had broadband and a Webcam at home, I figured it would be a breeze to set up a trans-Pacific video link.’
    • ‘The more direct routing may save 30-45 minutes of flight time on some Eastbound trans-Pacific flights in particular.’
    • ‘The flight took 23 hours, and the 7,500-mile mission was the first trans-Pacific flight by an unmanned aircraft.’
    • ‘During the 1870s much of East Asia, including Australia, was linked by telegraph, though the trans-Pacific cable was not complete until 1902.’
    • ‘But it is obviously disappointing to hear that trans-Pacific flights have stalled once again.’
    • ‘But I suspect that this rare instance of tranquility is simply a brief respite, a necessary calm before boarding a trans-Pacific flight.’
    • ‘And with cheap international phone cards, it is possible for almost anyone to make a long trans-Pacific telephone call a few times a week.’
    • ‘Among them, according to the state department, was an attempt in 1995 to bomb a dozen US trans-Pacific flights in midair.’
    1. 1.1Relating to an area beyond the Pacific.
      • ‘a journal influenced by trans-Pacific pomposity’