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  • 1Be or go beyond the range or limits of (a field of activity or conceptual sphere)

    ‘this was an issue transcending the tech space and reaching other corners of society’
    • ‘The fourteen essays gathered here embrace a range of issues which perhaps transcend the limits suggested by the subtitle.’
    • ‘We can therefore form a conception of reality that transcends these limits and so separate reality from what we believe about reality.’
    • ‘It holds out the prospect of transcending the limits of privatised existence, of being known to the general public and of becoming part of society's collective experience.’
    • ‘In this context, going beyond the form means transcending the notion of bread as commodity and examining the labor that made it possible.’
    • ‘Despite its relatively small size, the superb acoustics of the Usher Hall have transcended its role beyond that of a venue for the odd civil function.’
    • ‘It's certainly not as if the movie's interpretation transcended the limits of romance.’
    • ‘We transcend these limits to find a love that is magical and created by a force greater than us, just for us.’
    • ‘Just as quality of life issues often transcend class lines, they also bridge the gulf between the city centre and the suburbs.’
    • ‘Love is what engages and transcends mundane limits toward accomplishment.’
    • ‘As already mentioned, the theory of conceptual blending transcends the study of metaphor.’
    • ‘By transcending the limits of space, time and situation, this technology makes it more likely that any person, of any status, in any place, can learn anything, at any time.’
    • ‘‘Blood’, by contrast, had been invested since antiquity with mythical meaning, transcending the common sphere of everyday life.’
    • ‘Ultimately, he is strangely apolitical, incapable of transcending the limits of the entertainment industry.’
    • ‘The vitality of the field has transcended many of the barriers that seemed so daunting early on.’
    • ‘This requires coordinated intergovernmental action because these activities transcend national boundaries.’
    • ‘Real spiritual practices can help one to transcend material activities.’
    • ‘No, I really do think that this case transcends this one particular issue.’
    • ‘It should be a political no-brainer, an issue that transcends right-left divisions.’
    • ‘The appeal transcends the issues as any appeal to a national leader should.’
    • ‘Quality of life is an important concept that transcends cultural boundaries and gives way to needed change.’
    go beyond, rise above, cut across
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    1. 1.1Surpass (a person or achievement)
      ‘he doubts that he will ever transcend Shakespeare’
      • ‘There is nothing that transcends God so nothing is greater than his essence.’
      • ‘Rather, some songs transcend their own authors in such a way that they can only be sung by a particular voice.’
      • ‘‘His personality has transcended the sport faster than probably anybody else,’ he states.’
      • ‘People that transcend their class background often have this dynamism, but sometimes also display a fierce pride that can feel like anger.’
      surpass, excel, exceed, beat, trump, top, cap, outdo, outstrip, leave behind, outrival, outvie, outrank, outshine, eclipse, overstep, overshadow, throw into the shade, upstage
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/tranˈsɛnd/ /trɑːnˈsɛnd/


Middle English from Old French transcendre or Latin transcendere, from trans- ‘across’ + scandere ‘climb’.