Meaning of transcode in English:



[with object]
  • Convert (language or information) from one form of coded representation to another.

    ‘the Korean letters could not be transcoded phonologically’
    • ‘In the triple-code model, after input is transcoded in to the appropriate internal representation, number processing proceeds independently of the input format.’
    • ‘Yes, their burning desire to prevent customers from using CDs on their PCs or transcoding the content to MP3 for use on portable media players looks set to cost them a small fortune.’
    • ‘If coupled with format transcoding software, that would allow consumers to buy from any service and play the results on any hardware, which is what buyers want.’
    • ‘The encoding and transcoding technologies can also be used for editing home video from video cameras and storing it on the hard disk.’
    • ‘When you look at video encoding and transcoding today, it's so processor intensive.’



/tranzˈkəʊd/ /trɑːnzˈkəʊd/ /transˈkəʊd/ /trɑːnsˈkəʊd/