Meaning of transconjugant in English:



  • A bacterial cell which has received genetic material by conjugation with another bacterium.

    ‘After overnight incubation the transconjugants were replica plated onto the same selective medium, omitting the other growth factors or substituting arabinose for glucose.’
    • ‘Fitness estimates are complicated, in principle, by segregants and transconjugants that arise during competitions between plasmid-bearing and plasmid-free cells.’
    • ‘We assume that focal gene transfer from chromosomals is extremely rare and that once the plasmid transfer occurs, the transconjugant will deterministically sweep to fixation.’
    • ‘The resulting plasmids were conjugated into the respective (methanol-negative) mutants of M. extorquens and the transconjugants tested for the ability to grow on methanol.’
    • ‘The plates were then observed for the presence of the transconjugants, which were then biochemically identified.’



/ˌtransˈkɒndʒʊɡənt/ /ˌtrɑːns/ /-nz/