Meaning of transfection in English:




See transfect

‘Now I have a little time before I have to go to a talk, and I'm trying to decide if I should do another set of transfections and start another gel.’
  • ‘So, I celebrated by teaching her how to do a transfection, and then we went to lunch and talked about the goods and bads of science, very openly.’
  • ‘Cells with double transfections show varying ratios of the species included in the cotransfection but never the species missing from the cotransfection.’
  • ‘Transient transfection was carried out using lipofectamine according to the protocol suggested by the manufacturer.’
  • ‘Future studies should reveal other types of well-defined structure-function correlations for transfection in vivo in the presence of serum.’
  • ‘Then, 4-6 hr after transfection, the cells were washed, fed with new medium, and allowed to grow for 36 hr.’