Meaning of translucency in English:



See translucent

‘This is my usual medium, mainly due to the enjoyment of drawing itself and because of the depths and clarity of tones and translucency achievable with these pencils.’
  • ‘This intuitively devised palette has a seductive velvety translucency activated by movements of colour created by gravity's forces.’
  • ‘‘Perfect imperfection’’ is what people are after - the translucency you get from real teeth.’
  • ‘‘I try to capture their colour, transparency, translucency and form,’ he says.’
  • ‘Rather than exploiting the translucency of the ivory to render skin tones, she has used dark rich colors and glazing to resemble the effect of oil paints, and this became the hallmark of her style.’



/transˈluːs(ə)nsi/ /tranzˈluːs(ə)nsi/