Meaning of transmarine in English:



  • 1 dated Situated or originating on the other side of the sea.

    ‘an alien, or a transmarine stranger’
    • ‘Foremost among these was the fact that it was a transmarine colony and a ‘colonia ciuium Romanorum’.’
    • ‘Another reason for the non-installation of a rail system here is that Okinawa is a transmarine island, separated from mainland Japan.’
    1. 1.1Of or involving crossing the sea.
      ‘some birds make long transmarine migrations’
      • ‘Dering's proposals for a transmarine telegraph are contained in his patent specification of August 15, 1853, from which we condense the following account.’
      • ‘A transmarine voyage on the rickety ship would take more than a week.’
      • ‘We know as yet little of the limitations or possibilities of marine and transmarine communication.’



/ˌtranzməˈriːn/ /ˌtrɑːnzməˈriːn/ /ˌtransməˈriːn/ /ˌtrɑːnsməˈriːn/


Late 16th century from Latin transmarinus, from trans- ‘across’ + marinus ‘marine, of the sea’.